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Happiness causes success.   Happiness inspires productivity.  Happiness provides an advantage.

Hello, my name is Jane Anderson.  Welcome to my blog!

These are a few discoveries from the burgeoning field of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of happiness.  According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and happiness expert:

“Some people think if you are happy, you are blind to reality.  But when we research it, happiness actually raises every single business and educational outcome for the brain.”

Fascinated by headlines and TED talks, I dabbled in the readings and research.  What I discovered was so compelling that I enrolled in an intensive 1-year Positive Psychology study program to learn and apply the research-based tools of happiness.

Why would a lifelong business professional, dedicated to the pursuit of business, study the pursuit of happiness?  Burnout, mostly.  Far too often, I felt depleted and unable to be my best due to life’s daily stressors plus a steady stream of unexpected challenges.

I worked hard to make the best of things, but my brain had a hard time reaching happiness.  I now understand why.  You can read more by clicking on the “My Story” tab at the top of this page.

I wasn’t the only one chasing happiness.  As a society, we believe that hard work leads to success (which it often does) and that success leads to happiness (which it often doesn’t).  We subscribe to this approach as parents, leaders, and educators.

Science tells us to reverse this approach.  In order to achieve success in all key life domains, we should cultivate happiness.  We should put happiness first.

“…happy people are more likely than their less happy peers to have fulfilling marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, robust health, and a long life.”  (Lyubomirsky, King, and Diener, 2005)

Happiness leads to success.  Happiness inspires productivity.  Happiness provides an advantage.  Thus, cultivating happiness is arguably one of life’s most worthy goals.  It’s my goal. 

I’m on a mission to put happiness first, to nurture the positive genius in myself and others, and to build flourishing lives, teams, and workplaces.

I created Positively, Disruptively Happy! to take a step in that direction.  By sharing research-based, often counter-intuitive knowledge and tools, I hope to:

  1. Challenge contemporary thinking about sources of happiness and success,
  2. Inspire you to put happiness first, and
  3. Show you the way.

Will you join me?  To subscribe to this blog, enter your email address in the box and click Submit.  You’ll receive a confirmation email at the address you provided – please activate your subscription by following the simple instructions in that email.  I promise to respect your privacy and send only my periodic blog post updates to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.  Feel free to share this with your network, as well.

Until next time,

Jane Anderson


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Positively, Disruptively Happy!

  1. Terry

    Ok Jane, you’ve definitely got my attention. This makes sense; at least I want to believe it does. And I’m definitely interested in learning more about increasing my level of happiness. So I will be looking for your periodic blogs. Terry

    1. Jane Post author

      Thanks for subscribing, Terry. In future posts I will share knowledge, strategies, and tools, and you’ll discover what has the most impact in your life. I look forward to taking this journey with you!

  2. Marni

    I am very excited about your new blog Jane! I have already posted it on my FB page and asked others to consider signing up for it:) Thank you for all you do!

    1. Jane Post author

      Marni, you’re welcome! I thank you, also, for doing all you do and for helping me spread the word. I appreciate that very much.


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